Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My sister recently introduced me to couponing.  I did the coupon thing years ago when we lived in CA, and it was time consuming.  So much so that I gave up.  I was hesitant to try it again, but HOLY COW! I am loving it!

She gave me a few websites to go to and a couple ideas of how to keep it simple:
1- Start with one store! 
She recommends Rite Aid since they have amazing deals and their coupon policy is so flexible.

2- Buy the things that you use.  
Don't go overboard buying things you'll never use, unless they are totally free.

3- Her favorite websites are: (I go to stores and look at store deals individually)

4- One more website I love: (they often have things hip2save doesn't have and vice versa)

5-Lastly, I don't get a Sunday paper, but there are TONS of printable coupons and those sites above will put links to the printables next to the deals!

Happy Couponing!!

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