Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coconut Oil~ antifungal, antibacterial, anti-influenza, instant energy, anti-sugar cravings

My newest favorite thing is Coconut Oil! I love this stuff. It does so many things for you. It's gotten such a bad reputation over that last few years(or maybe longer, I don't know); but it's really awesome stuff!
I've started using it in everything. I use it instead of butter on my toast in the morning. It tastes delicious sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. I use it to grease my pans. It totally cleaned my square pan, that I love, that had horrible build up from using Pam and olive oil for years. I used it in my brownies instead of vegetable oil. We took them to my son's football banquet and not one brownie was left. I'm still playing with the amounts. I was subbing it straight across for the veggie oil, but I think I can use less of the coconut oil. I think next time I'll try just 2/3 of the called for amount. I make popcorn in the microwave with it. It tastes delicious!! It's what the theaters used to use.
My favorite brand is Nutiva. I buy it here. is the best deal I've found. Let me know if there's somewhere better to get it.
I'll put a spoonful in the bath, especially for my baby who has eczema; and for me. I keep a squeeze bottle of it in the bathroom for after shower. It's solid at room temperature so I soak the bottle in a sink full of hot water to melt it. You can put it everywhere...honestly everywhere.
This website lists tons of benefits of coconut oil, from thyroid to diabetes to hair and skin..
Try coconut milk, too! It's awesome if you have lactose intolerance, too. There's no lactose in coconut milk.

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