Friday, July 30, 2010


Now I LOVE to color, but I don't usually color on my walls.  My son, however, did.  This was such a chore to get his beautiful mural (which I should've at least preserved in a photo) off of his walls in his room, that I have to share how to do it.  I tried the bug and tar remover from Walmart, great option for small stuff; but we were all breathing fumes before too long and the mural was largely still there.

So, what to do? You can't get crayon wet, it's waxy and the water runs right over it.  My friend told me the crayon comes right back through a fresh coat of paint, so that wouldn't work.  Finally, as I was talking on the phone, it came to me.  If I could just heat the crayon and wipe it with a dry rag! BRILLIANT, I TELL YOU!!!! I got my hairdryer and blew on the crayon and rubbed with my rag.  I could not believe that after days of rubbing until my arm hurt breathing fumes, that the answer was so simple.  So there you have it! Don't buy the bug and tar remover, just use your hair dryer and a dry rag and save your arm a little!!

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