Friday, July 30, 2010


So, there's an awful lot of hype about this hCG.  At first, I was totally against it.  It sounded so unhealthy.  Then everything I was trying was making me so discouraged.  I had a couple friends drop some weight and completely reshape their bodies and decided I had to know.  I read pounds and can read it on HCG Loss.

I'm going to abridge Dr S's research (it's pretty long).  Basically, he sees obesity as a curable condition.  He studied hundreds of people for years before drawing his conclusions.  Hcg is a hormone in the body that regulates the hypothalamus and tells it that it's okay to release the stored fat a person is holding.  In women, this fat is reserved somewhat for the beginning of pregnancy before she's aware she's pregnant.  This way, the growing baby has food to live on without the breaking down the woman's muscle and/or structural fat (ie the fat that you need).

The idea for the diet is that you take hcg, and it works in a similar fashion to mobilize the fat that the body so desperately wants to hold onto for emergencies, the abnormal fat (hello, those of us living are descendants of those whose bodies were able to survive famines... so we are geared to survive).  When you are consuming such a low quantity of calories, your body looks to consume something for more energy and; Lo and Behold, that fat is ready to go.  It's more about the specific foods you eat and less about the amount of calories, meaning, I don't count calories.  I follow the diet.

I did my research and decided to use the drops, for expense and ease of use.  This was also largely based on what my dear friend used.  I got the same brand and everything,  Well 9 days later I am down 11 lbs.  NOT BAD!!!  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Mediral HCG Detox (HCG Diet Drops Homeopathic) 1oz

I am using Mediral HCG Drops.  Post here if you want to know where I got them for $17.50/bottle (including shipping) and I'll get you the info.

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