Friday, July 30, 2010


 I've been struggling with my complexion for the past 5 years.  It's not something I'm happy about, it's all over my chin! I've tried many, many, many things and spent many, many, many, hours researching what others have tried.  This is what I've come up wiht that seems to work for me. I take MSM daily (5000 mg in the morning and if I'm really broken out, again in the evening).  I also use my NitroFx (truly AMAZING stuff)!!  The two together seem to be really good. 

Topically I like to use Zinc Oxide during the day.  It helps to dry any weeping and is white, so it reduces any redness.  It's a great barrier and moisturizer at the same time.  My teenaged son loves this stuff.  It really hides the blemishes.

(I use Clearasil Vanishing Cream or Zapzyt during the day if I really need some drying power.)

I also recently discovered Cetaphil face wash and lotion.  I can't say enough.  I wash with apricot scrub every morning and follow up with Cetaphil wash.  GOOD STUFF!  If I use the lotion, it's after I've put Zapzyt and or zinc oxide on.  I let those soak in and about ten minutes later I smooth it all out with the Cetaphil Lotion.

At night I need to moisturize to help heal my skin.  I love my coconut oil (of course); but I often use Palmer's Cocoa Butter (in the tub).   I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!
Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin-E 7.25 oz. Jar

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